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Outstanding New Engine for the 2002 Nissan Patrol

October 12 2001

Nissan has unveiled a stunning new Patrol with an all-new 4.8-litre DOHC 6-cylinder 24-valve engine as part of its revised 2002 Nissan Four-Wheel-Drive range.

The all-new engine - which generates an outstanding 185kw of power at 4800 rpm and an unrivalled 420Nm of torque at 3600 rpm - is the highlight of the 2002 Nissan Patrol range, ensuring Patrol is the clear leader in the power stakes against its 6-cylinder competitors.

Code-named the TB48DE, the new power plant features the Nissan Induction Control System (NICS) for increased power and torque levels and Nissan's acclaimed Valve Timing Control to provide a wide power- and torque-band for idling stability and lowered fuel consumption.

Available in both ST and Ti specification levels, Patrols featuring this stunning new engine also benefit from the addition of an optional all-new five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode, superior acceleration and reduced NVH levels.

Patrol's new petrol engine variants boast increased ride and handling levels thanks to new, wider 275/70R16 tyres and, to match the increased performance of the engine, the vehicle's disc brakes have been enlarged to 316mm x 34mm at the front and 330mm x 18mm at the rear.

Nissan's incredibly popular ZD30 3.0-litre direct injection turbocharged diesel engine - which currently accounts for 70% of Patrol sales - remains unchanged in the Patrol line-up, along with its 6-cylinder 4.2-litre turbocharged diesel brother.

And Nissan's formidable reputation for four-wheel-drive capability in even the toughest conditions remains unchallenged, with the tried-and-true combination of a part-time four-wheel-drive system, coil-spring suspension with front and rear stabiliser bars and impressive suspension stroke for greater wheel articulation.

The entire Nissan Patrol range has received a fresh new look, with new headlamps, grille, front bumper and a fashionable new colour range. New alloy wheels are available on the Ti model.

Inside, new trim and a revised instrument cluster is featured on all DX and ST models and the Ti Patrol receives state-of-the-art fine vision meters.

Additional improvements across the Patrol line-up include retuned suspension and reduced NVH levels.

The new Patrol, like all vehicles in Nissan's revised 2002 Four-Wheel-Drive range, will bear the company's distinctive new brand identity badge on its grille, wheels, rear door and steering wheel. Nissan's new visual identity, including the stylish badge and wordmark, was first seen at the 2001 Detroit Autoshow and illustrates the new bold and memorable direction of the company.

According to Nissan Australia's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Leon Daphne, the revised Patrol and the new 2002 Nissan Four-Wheel-Drive Range are the flag-bearers for the company's new direction. "Nissan's President, Mr Carlos Ghosn, has announced the introduction of 22 new models as part of the Nissan Revival Plan and the Patrol, with its stunning new engine is a preview of the superior vehicles we can expect to see from Nissan."

Mr Paul Stead, Director of Sales and Marketing, highlighted Patrol's history of success in Australia. "Patrol has a fantastic reputation for reliability and comfort both on- and off-road. The 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine, in particular, has been a resounding success," he said.

"Now, with the incredible performance of the Cruiser-beating 4.8-litre petrol engine, long list of standard features and impressive value-added story, the Nissan Patrol will leave its competitors well behind in the sales stakes," Mr Stead said.

Nissan's new 4.8-litre petrol engine - the most powerful 6-cylinder engine in its class

Nissan's remarkable new 4.8-litre engine, code-named the TB48DE will leave other four-wheel-drives stalled at the starting line. Generating an incredible 185kw of power at 4800 rpm and maximum torque of 420Nm at 3600rpm, Patrol's new

4.8-litre power plant out-performs all its 6-cylinder competitors - and most of its V8 rivals as well.

The incredible output of the TB48DE generates higher performance in all ranges - from low- to high-engine speed - than its TB45E 4.5-litre predecessor. Most noticeably, acceleration is greatly improved in all ranges and particularly in the top-end speed range.

Mated to Nissan's five-speed manual transmission, the 4.8-litre Patrol engine gains an 18% improvement in the 0-100 km/h acceleration range, 17% increase in the 60-80 km/h range and an unbelievable 32% improvement in the 100-120 km/h range, ensuring overtaking manoeuvres will be completed with ease.

And the figures are even better when the TB48DE is mated to the all-new five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode: Patrol drivers will experience improved acceleration over the previous model of 20% in the 0-100 km/h speed range, a healthy 29% increase in the 60-80 km/h range and an astonishing 37% improvement in acceleration over the 100-120 km/h range.

Patrol's amazing acceleration speeds leave its competitors for dead. With the outstanding power of the TB48DE engine, Nissan Patrol outperforms all other 6-cylinder engines in its class, and, incredibly, most of its V8 competitors as well.

This impressive increase in performance comes with the unexpected bonus of improved fuel consumption - 5% lower in manual transmission variants and a remarkable reduction of 9% in vehicles fitted with the new automatic transmission.

Utilising state-of-the-art technology, including the new Nissan Induction Control System (NICS) and Variable Valve Timing (VTC), the raw power of the TB48DE engine will take its driver almost anywhere with unbelievable ease.

Nissan Induction Control System (NICS)

The Nissan Induction Control System operates to maximise engine torque and performance at low speeds where it is needed for optimum off-road ability and to boost power at high speeds to ensure smooth on-road performance.

The system operates by efficiently changing the intake tube length of the intake port. At low and middle speeds, the variable intake valve is closed, increasing the intake tube length and generating maximum engine torque. At higher speeds when greater power output is required, the variable intake valve opens, decreasing the length of the intake tube.

Nissan Valve Timing Control (VTC)

Nissan's new 4.8-litre DOHC 24 valve engines uses Valve Timing Control to create an extremely wide power-and torque-band for enhanced engine performance and flexibility at both low and high engine speeds.

The VTC system varies the intake valve opening and closing time by managing the cam phase. The system is driven by oil pressure controlled by the VTC solenoid. As well as maximising useable power and torque when required, the VTC system contributes to improved engine idling stability and lowered fuel consumption.

Nissan's Sportshift Automatic Transmission

Nissan's all-new five-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode is offered with the new 4.8-litre engine as an option on ST level Patrols and standard on Ti. The transmission was originally designed for the prestigious V8 Infiniti sedan currently on sale in North America with a view to optimising driving performance.

The Sportshift Automatic Transmission offers the driver the best of both worlds - manual mode for controlled four-wheel-driving ability or swift, sporty performance - and automatic mode for smooth city driving or comfortable highway cruising.

While driving in manual mode, it is possible to select and lock in the desired gear position. The transmission shifts up or down automatically until the selected gear is reached. Once a gear is selected, the automatic transmission locks the required gear in.

To ensure acceleration - or, conversely, engine braking - is maximised, the transmission automatically shifts down to fourth gear if the manual mode is selected when the transmission is in fifth gear.

Nissan's proven five-speed manual transmission is offered as standard on both the 3.0-litre and 4.2-litre turbocharged diesel Patrols, as well as on the new TB48DE petrol engine ST level Patrol. The popular ZD30 3.0-litre diesel variant retains its optional four-speed automatic transmission.


To complement the high-performance TB48DE engine, braking ability and feel has been improved on petrol-engine Patrols variants. Brake rotor size has been increased to 316mm x 34mm at the front and 330mm x 18mm on the rear to maximise the cooling performance of the brakes.

In addition, the brake calliper piston area has been increased to improve braking performance and provide a more solid, direct braking sensation - from

36 sq cm to 41 sq cm on the front and from 18 sq cm to 20 sq cm on the rear.

Diesel engine Patrol variants also enjoy the security of four wheel disc brakes - 306 x 32mm on the front and 316 x 18mm on the rear - with semi metallic brake pads.

An anti-lock braking system is standard on Ti and optional on ST model Patrols.

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