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Lovells Coil Springs are designed as a superior performance replacement part for mass-produced O.E. (original equipment) coil springs, to achieve improvements in:

  • Ride Height
  • Handling
  • Load Carrying Capacity
  • Comfort

They are available for all popular makes and models, including:

  Holden Ford Toyota
  Nissan Subaru Mitsubishi
  Mazda Honda Jeep
  Hyundai Kia Daewoo
  Land Rover Lexus Suzuki
  Daihatsu Proton Saab

4WD springs are our specialty, and we supply heavy duty standard height or raised units to suit all the popular 4WD makes and models. They have been proven in the tough Australian outback by 4WD tour operators, mining and exploration companies, government departments and in all agricultural areas.


Lovells Leaf Springs are designed as a superior replacement part for mass-produced O.E. (original equipment) leaf springs, to achieve improvements in:

  • Ride Height
  • Handling
  • Load Carrying Capacity
  • Comfort

Available for popular 4WDs, light trucks, vans, utilities and station wagons.
Lovells leaf springs have been tested in the toughest conditions, such as mining and exploration areas, on 4WD tours, in agricultural areas and by government departments.


Ongoing development in urethane technology has allowed Lovells to offer an Australian-made urethan suspension bush that permits the comfortable ride associated with rubber bushes, yet delivers the crisp handling, geometry control and durability of urethane. The technology allows #60, #75 durometer urethane to survive the harshest suspension applications, and remain durable.

Polyurethane has been commonly accepted as an industrial product for over 40 years, but it wasn't until 1974 that urethane was used as a replacement for rubber in automotive suspension bushing. During the intervening 25 years, the types of urethane used have changed very little. Until 1986 use of the hard grades available restricted urethane to motorsport and heavy-duty applications where ride comfort was a very low priority.

After 1986 the second grade of urethane development occurred: softer grades evolved that permitted urethanes to be used in general passenger applications. But the key suppliers in the urethane market simply utilized the new grades, and no further research and development took place.

Consequently the common complaint that urethane makes the vehicle ride harsh was never addressed, mainly due to the fact that it was presumed that grades softer than #75 durometer could not survive in a vehicle suspension environment.

Further development in urethane technology was made to overcome the hard ride, yet still maintain the characteristics associated with soft rubber bushings. These new grades of urethane permit the comfortable ride of rubber but with the crisp handling, geometry control and durability associated with the harder grades of urethane. This totally new technology has revolutionised the suspension industry. #75, #85 and #90 durometers have been replaced with #60, #75 and #85 - (based on the window that #60 is the softest and #90 is the hardest durometer for automotive applications)

2 YEAR / 40,000 km WARRANTY

Installation Tips

Check your urethane bush selection to ensure you have the correct component for your application. Fit the bushes to the spring/chassis mount/component prior to final installation to ensure they are the correct fit, and length. Clean all components thoroughly and remove any rust, old paint and undercoat. Check for worn, pitted or suspect parts and replace before fitting Lovells components. Use lubricant supplied. Grease all bush surfaces designed to pivot, ie. Internal bores and flange faces. DO NOT apply grease to pressed-fit surfaces or the outside surfaces of shackle bushes. When fitting leaf spring eye bushes or shackle/pin bushes it is wise to fit the bush prior to installation of the spring to ensure free movement, thus avoiding spring damage due to the shackle seizing against the bush. This is referred to as ‘shackle lock’. Tighten all bolts and nuts to manufacturers’ specification, with vehicle at normal ride height. This is referred to as ‘normalising’.


Lovells offer two types of heavy duty Gas Legend 4X4 shock absorbers designed for Australia's toughest conditions.

Lovells 4X4 Gas Legend Twin-Tube Gas Charged Shock Absorbers

  • Twin tube gas design
  • 35mm bore with 50mm tube, for maximum performance
  • Available for most 4WD makes and models
  • Multi-stage valving
  • Nitrogen gas low pressure charged
  • 2 year/40,000 km warranty

35mm bore and big 50mm tube design provide up to twice the oil capacity of original equipment shock absorbers to maximize fade resistance, run cooler and allow faster reaction time to road changes. Gas Legend Twin-Tube have a multi-stage valving system to allow a progressive dampening effect from slow to fast piston velocity, thus automatically adjusting to all conditions. All shafts are manufactured from a huge 16mm hardened chrome shaft, precision engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, while reducing friction and wear. Piston rod seals are high quality, high temperature multi-lip design to again reduce friction and provide longer life.

Lovells Gas Legend shock absorbers are gas charged with low pressure nitrogen gas to maximize fade resistance under extreme conditions without harshness while providing more responsive control. All eyes and pin mounts are double welded for extra strength and long life. Majority of the range are long travel design to allow fitment to all Lovells Spring part numbers and ensures maximum wheel contact at all times. All Lovells Gas Legend Shock Absorbers are covered by a 2 year/40,000km warranty.

Lovells 4x4 Gas Legend Mono-Tube Shock Absorbers

  • The new high tech 4X4 shock from Lovells
  • Seamless construction (extruded tube)
  • Nitrogen high pressure gas charged
  • For specific applications only
  • 2 year/40,000 km warranty

Lovells specified applications only. The Gas Legend Mono-Tube shock absorber body is fabricated using a custom extrusion method, which is seamless, pressure resistant, and has extremely smooth working surfaces. The piston rod is manufactured from induction hardened steel that has been hard chrome plated for maximum wear resistance. The extension and compression movements are controlled by a plate spring which regulates the flow of oil on both sides of the piston. With removable shims, valving combinations ensure infinite damping design and controls.

The mono-tube design operates with a dividing piston which separates an oil column from a gas pressurized (high pressure) compartment. The purpose of this design allows for compensation of space for the oil which is displaced when the piston rod is compressed and when the oil is heated while operating. The movable (floating piston) transmits the gas pressure onto the oil column. All Lovells Gas Legend Shock Absorbers are covered by a 2 year/40,000km warranty.

2 YEAR / 40,000 km WARRANTY

Installation Tips

Check your shock absorber selection to ensure you have the correct part number to suit your springs and application. Ensure the shock absorber has the correct amount of travel on both extension and compression strokes.

This is very important, as if you fit shock absorbers to a vehicle that has sagged springs/torsion bars or springs with a higher free height/camber (ie. over 2.5 inches or 65mm) shock absorbers may bottom out (on compression) or top out (on extension) which may cause premature failure of the shock absorber and will void Lovells warranty.

On Lovells Gas Legend Shock Absorbers that are fitted with Lovells Urethane bushes (most part numbers), it is important that the mounting pin (where the urethane has contact) has been cleaned thoroughly and is in good condition. Apply a small amount of grease to the pin and the inside of the bush to allow movement. Do not tighten shock absorber mounts until the vehicle has been lowered and settled to normal ride height (‘normalising’). Failure to do so, may cause bush to lock into a over torsional position, adding pressure to the mounts and stressing the bush.


  • Heavy duty operation
  • For independent front ends (IFS)
  • Essential for extra weight (bull bars, winches, etc)
  • Give improved ride and handling
  • Proven in outback 4WD conditions
  • 2 year/40,000 km warranty


  • U-Bolts
  • Shackles & Pins

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