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Cooper Tires

Remember when washing machines and refrigerators lasted a generation? And tyres used to last for years too? Now it seems things are made to wear out. America's Cooper Tires is one company still making things to last.

While many leading brand 4WD tyres are made with lighter construction and less tread, Cooper Tires continues to produce strong, deep-tread tyres. Cooper tyres come with a written guarantee to last from 50,000 kilometres to 80,000 kilometres depending upon tire size and pattern. If the guarantee is not met, Cooper credits the shortfall. The result is Cooper Tires are America's most trusted 4WD tyre.

Cooper 4WD Tyre Range



The new HP (High Performance) Sport from Cooper is the 4WD performance tyre for luxury 4WDs and the new 'cross over' all-wheel drive vehicles.

It features:

  1. Strong tyre construction (less punctures)
  2. Soft comfortable ride
  3. Deep tread pattern for wet bitumen conditions, plus
    • Off road traction (mud, snow, sand)
    • Increased mileage
  4. Available in sizes up to 18" diameter
  5. Up to 60,000 km warranty


60% Road & Sand
40% Dirt & Mud

The outback dirt road tyre:

  • Designed to reduce abrasive wear on outback roads
  • Deeper tread, for more kilometres and more grip
  • Extra traction without extra noise
  • Designed to reduce outback dirt road, damage
  • Improved wet grip, on and off road

90% Road & Sand
10% Dirt

  • Guaranteed to last up to 80,000 kms
  • Deeper tread pattern for incredible wet weather grip
  • Quiet ride
  • Extra strength to reduce off road damage
DISCOVERER H/T detail ...


70% Road & SAND
30% Dirt & Mud

  • Guaranteed to last up to 80,000 kilometres
  • Designed for long mileage
  • Reduced noise
  • All terrain design
  • Incredible wet weather grip
  • Extra strength to reduce off road damage
DISCOVERER A/T detail ...



20% Road & Sand
80% Dirt & Mud

Cooper Tires has launched the new Cooper STT, revealing the Armor-Tek3 ply carcass construction that's unique to Cooper. It features:

  • Super traction tread
  • Deep sidewall lugs
  • Tread block siping
  • Cut, chip and tear resistant tread compound
  • Scalloped shoulder lugs
  • Tapered stone ejector
  • Rim flange protector
  • Full size range


20% Road & Sand
80% Dirt & Mud

  • Long mileage
  • Extra strength to reduce off road damage
  • Incredible off road grip
  • Quiet on the road
  • Self cleaning


  1. Coopers have deeper treads, up to 30% more than some brands, which means you get more tyre for your money, more kilometres, more grip, more resistance to punctures.
  2. Coopers have deeper tread patterns. Today many manufacturers are lowering tread pattern depths, which reduce wet weather and off road grip.
  3. Coopers stand up straighter. Most Asian and Australian brands of 4X4 tyres have a round or "belly" shape in the sidewalls. Cooper, by design, stands straighter to deflect objects.
  4. Coopers have see through treads. The latest tread designs have open straight grooves for wet grip and self-cleaning - Cooper tread designs are all the most current designs.
  5. Coopers have round edge treads, not square. The current thinking in 4WD tyre design is self-cleaning patterns with round shoulders, V shaped tread grooves and deeper tread patterns. Square edges track on the road, causing irregular shoulder wear.
  6. Coopers are aftermarket producers. In tyre manufacturing there are two types, original equipment suppliers, and after market suppliers. Cooper produce exclusively for the aftermarket so they don't compromise on quality or performance to meet a price or the criteria of a vehicle manufacturer.
  7. Coopers have thicker inner liners. The most important characteristic of a tyre is its ability to hold air. Cooper uses the best quality inner liner (Haolobutyl) as well as a thicker liner to give almost 100% air retention, where others vary the quality of compound and the thickness to reduce cost.

Certain Cooper 4WD Tyres carry an 80,000 km. guarantee at all capital city authorised dealers. Styles applicable to this guarantee are:

  • Discoverer A/T
  • Discoverer H/T

The other, more specialised, tyre patterns, i.e., Discoverer LT, Discoverer CTD and Discoverer STT, can be relied upon for long mileage and outstanding performance in relevant conditions.

Cooper Tyres are available Australia-wide through a distributor network. Check out your nearest Cooper distributor on the Australian website, to discuss the correct tyre for your use. Alternatively, ring the free call number below to find your nearest distributor and discuss your 4WD tyre needs.

Freecall 1800 681 298

Visit Cooper Tyres website

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