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A recent accident in Queensland has highlighted the need for installing cargo barriers in vehicles, as well as for safer 4WD practices.

The accident happened during a recovery operation of a bogged vehicle, when a snatch-um strap and a bow shackle connecting two 4WD vehicles, came adrift with enormous force and hit a cargo barrier in one vehicle. Luckily, the owner of the Nissan Patrol station wagon that was towing the Toyota Landcruiser out of the hole, had fitted his vehicle with a Milford cargo barrier.

When the shipping hook on the Landcruiser pulled off the chassis, the inertia in the webbing strap sent the shipping hook, bow shackle and snatch-um through the back window of the Nissan, damaging the strongly-constructed cargo barrier. The driver's head was directly in line with the impact and, without the cargo barrier, the man would have been killed instantly.

The Nissan owner has since replaced the damaged Milford cargo barrier with a new one from Boab 4X4 at Lawnton, in Brisbane's northern suburbs. "He realised their practical benefits before this accident," said Boab's sales manager, David Perren, "but now he owes his life to one".

Snatch-um straps not used correctly by 4WD owners are known to be potentially lethal weapons if not connected properly to both vehicles, and deaths have occurred on several occasions in recent years. Connecting to shipping hooks is not recommended in any circumstances.

For further information on the value of Milford cargo barriers and the nearest outlet for them, contact Milford Industries on 1800 683 577 or look at their website,



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