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The recent school holidays have again highlighted a cavalier attitude to family safety by many parents across Australia, according to a spokesperson for cargo barrier manufacturers, Milford Industries.

Henry Mercieca, product manager of the company, claims the lack of protection offered to a family when their loaded station wagon has an accident and a cargo barrier has not been fitted to the vehicle, is nothing short of criminal.

He said there was a perception amongst many parents that they only loaded up their wagons once or twice a year for holidays, and so it was not worth extra effort and expense to install a cargo barrier. "In reality, these one or two trips are when accidents are more likely to occur, due to fatigue and driving on unfamiliar roads in different weather conditions. The coastal holiday regions in Australia experience higher rainfall, and the alpine areas have a very bad record for motor vehicle accidents," said Mr Mercieca.

"Items such as strollers, eskys, suitcases, golf clubs, children's toys, ski equipment and toolboxes are extremely dangerous, and can injure and kill the car's occupants in accidents, especially head-on collisions and rollovers."

"The rear seats of vehicles do not have a load rating and can collapse in a frontal collision, causing major problems for back seat passengers, who are invariably children."

The use of roof racks for larger items such as surfing and ski equipment is endorsed by Mr Mercieca, who points out that "all too often you see these items jammed inside the vehicle with a small child underneath them on the back seat. The potential for a disaster is immense."

Milford Industries manufacture cargo barriers to fit all popular family wagons, 4WD vehicles and cargo vans. The barriers all comply with Australian Standards regulations and are available from a network of outlets Australia-wide. The Milford website highlights many case histories and letters from clients who have avoided injury in motor accidents simply because their vehicle was fitted with a Milford cargo barrier.

Details of the Milford range of cargo barriers can be obtained by calling 1800 683 577

Visit the Milford website Click here



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