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Hide-AwayWith the rising rate of crime, this item fulfils a well-acknowledged need. The Automotive Safe is ideal for all 4WD, commercial vehicle, car and truck owners who carry and store valuable items. Mobile phones, wallets, jewellery, cash, etc. can be hidden in a secure place, out of sight of thieves and giving you peace of mind.

The unit is relatively inexpensive, and comes in two parts: the docking station is fixed inside the vehicle (under the seats, for example), and the drawer fits into this "base". Extra docking stations can be purchased, allowing you to lock the drawer into a unit in more than one vehicle.

The Automotive Security Safe is popular with travellers and caravan and camper trailer owners, too, who need a secure, lockable area that can't be seen or found easily. It's a great idea for home owners also, who want to secure valuable items.

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